Step 1
What you will need

…Step 1
What you will need – Your printed Pump’kd stencil and pumpkin

…Step 1
What you will need – Supplies & Tools

Step 2
Cut the Lid at an ‘awkward’ angle (so the lid doesn’t fall in on itself)

Step 3
Scoop out the Pumpkins Guts!

Step 4
Remove the ‘flesh’ from the outer wall of the Pumpkin – so it becomes around 1 inch in thickness.

Step 5
Dry the design surface before stencilling

Step 6
Cut your chosen stencil down to size.

Step 7
Cut areas to pleat the design – this is so the design fits around the pumpkins surface.

Step 8
I advise using Transfer Paper for the next stage…

Step 8
place the transfer paper underneath your design…

Step 8
… then draw around

Step 9
Final transfer outcome

Step 9…

Step 10
Poke Holes around your design…

Step 10
making sure the dots are around 1cm apart…

Step 10
… final perforated design

Step 10
Your design will look somthing like this when the stencil has been removed.

Step 11
Slowly cut out your design (using the holes you created in the previous step as a guide)

Step 12
Completed carving

Step 13
Rinse the pumkin to remove any excess cuttings

Step 14
If you are not lighting your pumkin straight away – use clingfilm to keep it looking fresh!

Step 12
Completed Pumpkin – Light it up & enjoy!!!!!!