Not only do we design and sell our own creepy creations but we’ll also take orders so you can get exactly what you want this Halloween. Over the years we have worked with some really exciting names. We’ve carved pumpkins for television, West End musicals, for adverts and general displays.

Pumpkin Dave – or just Dave as he’s known for most of the year – is a product designer by trade, he sees each carved pumpkin as a finished product that is packaged and delivered on time to our clients.

Dave lets his imagination run wild when he’s collaborating on a horrifying Halloween brief. Please get in touch about orders, ideas and what we can achieve for you this Halloween.

Strictly Come Dancing

“Theming a TV studio set for theme shows is always an exciting challenge, and Hallowe’en is a chance to really go to town. David had approached the production team alerting us to his presence, and to his pumpkin carving skills, and it was obvious that this was something that could create a fantastic focal point on the show.

We set Dave the task of creating a pumpkin for each of the judges and presenters on the show and with only 48 hours to go to the Hallowe’en special he embarked on a mammoth pumpkin selecting and carving project. Dave hand delivered the pumpkins to the studio and added some final finishing touches once he saw them under the studio lights, and they were proudly put on display.

The likeness to each was fantastic, and craftwork delicate and intricate – and all brought along with Dave’s inimitable enthusiasm, humour and smile!”

Joshua Grace, Art Director / Set Designer (strictly come dancing)

Wicked the Musical

The musical Wicked ordered 70 pumpkins to be sprayed in “witche’s green” and engraved with the musical’s logo. The most exciting this about this brief was being able to work with a company whose brief was constantly changing.

Pump’kd made sure every option was explored and that the clients were 100% happy with the design.


For the past two years we have supplied Waitrose in York with our creations. We have also dressed the story with bespoke pumpkins, meeting a new brief each year. This year to ensure the client got the most out of our pumpkins we sprayed them in a variety of colours and adorned them with hand painted designs.