What is this crazy place?

Pump’kd is home to the UK’s original pumpkin carver, Pumpkin Dave. But it’s much more than that. We believe there’s a little bit of Pump’kd in all of us, the power of creativity that lies waiting to be bought to life. Of course, creating a magnificent monster for you doorstep can be a little daunting, so Pump’kd is here to help.

Here you can find downloadable pumpkin carving patterns, Halloween products and everything pumpkin related. The patterns are ready to download right this second, with a huge range of designs you can – as they say – pick your poison!

Not only does Pump’kd design and supply unique pumpkin carvings patterns, but each year Pumpkin Dave takes over a hundred horrifying requests for magical pumpkin transformations, bringing each one from rags to riches. Like a sinister fairy godmother – bibbidy-bobbidy….BOO!

To date Pumpkin Dave has worked with Strictly Come Dancing, West End Musical ‘Wicked”, Thorpe Park, Waitrose, Jimmy Choo, Novotel, The One Show and many more!.

Who Is Pumpkin Dave?

Hello, my name is David or as the nights darken and as the clock strikes 12 for all hallows eve I transform into Pumpkin Dave. I am the father, founder and experimenter of Pump’kd. I created Pump’kd four years ago after I appeared on the BBC carving Lenny Henry’s face into a gigantic pumpkin. Since then I have powered the little monster inside of Pump’kd and turned it into a success. 2014 has already seen us launch our website and develop a range of brand new Halloween products.

How the devil do I do that?

Its simple, each and everyone of us has a creative monster inside! If you’re planning on using one of our stencils all you’ll need is a printer and a basic carving kit. Basic carving kits can be found in supermarkets or around the house. 

If you want to place an order all you have to do is go to your bathroom,  say pumpkin Dave three times and turn the light out…Or you can enquire or place an order through out contact us page. There is no such thing as a ridiculous order and as we all know there’s no such word as can’t. Why not take a look at our galleries and client page to see what we can achieve for you this Halloween.

Where are you based?

We are now based deep in the heart of one the UK’s spookiest towns; Whitby. Over the years Whitby has spawned some of Halloween’s creepiest creations, Whitby Goth Week, The Whitby Witches, Bram stoker writing the iconic novel Dracula on our west cliff and now pumpkin Dave and his putrid pumpkins.